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In short, I spend no less than 14hrs a day in front of a computer designing chaos and destruction. The remainder of my time is usually spent behind the wheel of our race/drift car and hanging out with my family(ies). I tend to travel a great deal as well. There are very few weekends where I actually get to stay at home. Im always doing something. Always on the go. If my candle had a third end I’d set it on fire too.

.:: A Photographer, Art Director, Artist, Designer.
.:: A Gemini
.:: Former model
.:: Social but Shy at times.
.:: Balls of Steel Realistically Optimistic.
.:: Confident enough to sustain myself but I don’t like to be cocky.
.:: A total goofball as I’d like making people laugh.
.:: Nocturnal by nature.
.:: A party animal, but a homebody.
.:: Very loyal to my friends.
.:: Constructively Blunt.
.:: Horrible speller
.:: Day dreamer
.:: Intense thinker
.:: Burns the candle on both ends
.:: Suffers from gerneralized anxiety
.:: Passionate
.:: Competative
.:: Race car driver
.:: Drifter
.:: Tire burner
.:: Don’t like to hear myself talk
.:: Poofy hair
.:: Entrepreneur
.:: Family man
.:: Proud father of one
.:: Owner of Studio Rhoad
.:: Event Coordinator for Drift411
.:: Lead graphic design for XS Power
.:: Former Driver/Drifter for Top Hat Performance and GTE
.:: Member of the Atlanta’s illest; driftMechaniks


Websites that I run or help run:

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