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Rhoad Family trumps Rapture

Photo May 21, 5 40 45 PM

With Spring upon us, it was time for the family to get together and enjoy the sunshine and good food. So Amanda and I packed up the girls and headed to SC despite immanent doom.



They do indeed grow up fast

Today is Lily’s 6th birth


I can’t feel my lower intestines


Steamy Anchor Cocks and racists napkins.

Lily goes into fashion. Gamecocks get slapped around. Dad rebels again Harbor Day. Flush and I prove that Ronald a racist bastard.


4 years ago… today.

It was four years ago today I had a date with a beautiful young women that I met online via drifting forums


Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

Happy Mothers’ Day!! Love you!


Im officially a soccer-dad

Allie had her second soccer game this past weekend. She and her team are doing really well. Undefeated thus far and beating teams by large margins. During the first game, Allie slapped in 2 goals and this past weekend was able to rack up 3 goals. She’s turning into a regular PelĂ©. I can’t wait for Lily to start playing this year.


Dinosaurs museum with Lily

Took Lily to the Dinosaur Expo at the Columbia museum this past weekend. The expo was kinda small but it was still a lot of fun. The Pterodactyl with babies was her favorite.


Happy 5th Birthday Lily!!!


To my little girl. Happy birthday and I love YOU!!! See you in a few days.

<3 Dad.


Thanksgiving pics

Thanksgiving2009_ 051

A few pics from Thanksgiving weekend. It was also rivalry weekend for SEC and that means Clemson vs. South Carolina. SC actually took Clemson out to, I think, everyone’s surprise.